Cookies policy

Cookies are small computer programs that are installed on the device that accesses the page. They serve, among other things, to store technical information or about the user's browsing habits and preferences (for example, the language he wishes to use). This allows us to better personalize the services offered to you.

Una cookie no emmagatzema informació de persones concretes. Aquesta pàgina, no obstant això, i en compliment estricte de la normativa vigent, no emmagatzemarà cap cookie sense el seu consentiment. L’única excepció són les cookies de contingut merament tècnic (que tenen com a fi permetre-li la correcta visualització d’aquesta pàgina i els seus serveis), les que tinguin com a única finalitat permetre la comunicació entre l’equip de l’usuari i la xarxa, i les que siguin estrictament necessàries per a prestar un servei sol·licitat per l’usuari.

If you accept our cookies policy, it is interpreted that you authorize us to install and use them, in the way we detail in this legal notice.

You can refuse to install cookies, but in this case the page may not work or be displayed correctly.

Types of cookies

Cookies can be our own or third-party, depending on whether they are installed by us or by other information society service providers.

Apart from this, the main types of cookies are:

-Technical cookies: they are used to use and configure the technical aspects of the page. For example, accessing restricted areas. Its objective is to allow the user to navigate the web page. If these "cookies" are deactivated, it is possible that the page cannot be viewed correctly.

- Personalization cookies: they serve to remember the preferences of each user in aspects such as language, regional settings, etc. Disable these cookies no suposa deficiències en la visualització, però impedirà que es recordi aquells aspectes que s’havia personalitzat.

- Analysis cookies: they are used to carry out statistical studies on the users who visit the page, remembering aspects such as where they access and for how long. Their use allows us to improve the services we offer. Its deactivation prevents us from knowing this information necessary to improve, but does not damage the functionalities of the page.

-Advertising cookies: they are used to manage the advertising spaces that may be on the page. They allow a navigation study to be carried out in order to offer the advertising that may interest you the most. Again, disabling them does not harm the functionality of the page.

What cookies does this page use? This page uses the following cookies:

YSCThese cookies are defined by Youtube and are used to track views of embedded videos.1 YearPersonalization
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEThis cookie is defined by Youtube. It is used to track information about YouTube videos embedded on a website.5 MonthsAdvertising
GPSThis cookie is defined by Youtube and registers a unique identifier for tracking users based on their geographic location30 MinutesAnalyzes
IDEUsed by Google DoubleClick and stores information about how the user uses the website and any other advertising before visiting it. It is used to present users with ads that are relevant to them based on their user profile.1 YearAdvertising

How to disable or block cookies. It is possible to configure the browser to allow, block or delete cookies. For more information on how to do this, please visit the web page of the browser you have installed.